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Investec Corporate Cash Manager

An attractive cash option offered by Investec Private Bank and administered by Meq Capital

The Investec Corporate Cash Manager Money Fund (CCM), an exclusive call account from Investec Private Bank, offers an attractive opportunity to maximise investment returns.

By investing in the Corporate Cash Manager Money Fund, clients receive a money market related interest rate based on the average of the top four qualifying South African money market funds. Investec Private Bank researches the market to ensure that this product attracts the highest possible average rate on a daily basis. Rates change daily and are linked to the Money Fund account, which means that clients receive the best possible rate every day.

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The Investec Corporate Cash Manager is ideal for investors seeking to maximise the yield on their surplus cash while enjoying the flexibility of a highly liquid investment, with cash being available within 24/48 hours. The fund is tailored to suit the most conservative investors with a primary objective of capital preservation and bank diversification whilst achieving returns in excess of call rates.

There are no initial, upfront or transaction fees payable. An annual management fee is applicable.

Funds can be transferred from any outside account into this Investec CCM account. The account can be opened either in the client’s own name and/or in the name of a trust or company. Funds can be moved at the client’s discretion. Meq Capital, as the intermediary, administers the funds on behalf of their clients through an administrative system situated in their offices.

The benefits of the Investec Corporate Cash Manager Money Fund are as follows:

  • Your call account will attract the interest rate achieved by the best performing money market funds on the day + an additional 0,15% per annum.
  • No bank charges or transaction fees are applicable.
  • Meq Capital will be responsible for all administrative duties.
  • Monthly statements are sent reflecting details of all transactions and interest earned.
  • Third-party payments can be made directly from your account for amounts over R20 000,00.
  • All instructions are actioned by Meq Capital.
  • Electronic fund transfers are available to ensure the efficient transfer of funds.
  • Funds will be transferred within 24/48 hours.