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Our investment philosophy is underpinned by a multi-manager approach; hence our portfolios are well diversified across asset classes and geographical regions. Our investment range is not limited to South Africa only, but also includes offshore portfolios. We analyse a combination of investment products from different Investment Houses and seek to advise on asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction to deliver the most appropriate risk-adjusted portfolio for our clients according to their individual needs.

Our range of investment vehicles includes the following:

  • Discretionary unit trusts portfolios for various risk profiles. For example: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive
  • Preservation funds
  • Retirement annuity funds
  • Living annuity
  • Structured products with capital guarantees
  • Endowments

The needs of our clients are of the utmost importance. We choose the best combination of investment managers according to the risk tolerance and particular requirements of our clients. Our independence is a valuable benefit in this process. Regular meetings are held with our clients to discuss their investments and its performance. Ultimately, we view ourselves as a business partner of our clients rather than a service provider.

Meq Capital has signed formal service contracts with a range of asset managers. Included are the following:

Ninety One Investment Management Company
Coronation Fund Managers
Nedgroup Investments
Glacier by Sanlam
M&G Investments
PPS Investments
Old Mutual
Investec Wealth & Investment
Sanlam Private Wealth