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At MEQ Capital, our investment philosophy is anchored in a robust multi-manager approach. This means our portfolios are meticulously diversified across various asset classes and geographical regions, mirroring the intricate roots of a thriving tree system. Our investment offerings extend beyond South Africa, embracing offshore portfolios to harness global opportunities.

We scrutinise a range of investment products from different Investment Houses, advising on asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction to deliver bespoke, risk-adjusted portfolios tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our investment vehicles cater to diverse risk profiles and financial aspirations, including

discretionary unit trusts portfolios
preservation funds
retirement annuity funds
living and life annuities
structured products with capital guarantees
access to direct share portfolios via our partners

At MEQ Capital, client needs are paramount. We prioritise their requirements and risk tolerance, selecting the optimal combination of investment managers to optimise returns. Through regular meetings and performance discussions, we cultivate a partnership built on trust and transparency.

We perceive ourselves as more than service providers; we are committed business partners, dedicated to guiding our clients towards financial success and security, much like a sturdy tree provides shelter and stability in a changing landscape. Our formal service contracts with a range of asset managers underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional service and results.

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