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Meq Capital is an independent financial advisory company.

We pride ourselves on our independence and offer a wide range of financial services of which investment services are our primary focus. Our primary goal is to preserve wealth for our clients by aiming to achieve positive real growth in their assets under management.

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Meq Capital is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority  (FSCA) and holds a category 1 license.

This allows us to offer advice on the following investment and risk categories:

  • Long term insurance
  • Pension fund benefits (retail and corporate)
  • Securities and instruments (shares, warrants, debentures, bonds and derivatives)
  • Money market instruments
  • Deposits as defined in the Banks Act
  • Collective investment schemes

All our financial planners are registered with the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) of South Africa.

Our range of services include:

Financial Planning

Our aim is to provide our clients with a comprehensive tax efficient financial plan that takes into account their entire financial situation, risk, and goals…

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Our investment philosophy is underpinned by a multi-manager approach; hence our portfolios are well diversified across asset classes and geographical regions…

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Risk Services

We provide advice on any risk related concerns identified during the financial analysis process such as personal and/or corporate risk management…

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Investec Corporate Cash Manager

The CCM Money Fund, an exclusive call account from Investec Private Bank, offers an attractive opportunity to maximise investment returns…

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Forex Services

As an additional service to our clients who have Investec Corporate Cash Manager accounts, we act as an intermediary to facilitate foreign exchange transactions…

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Other Services

We are able to expand on the range of services offered by outsourcing services such as the formulation of trust and wills or auditing and tax services…

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