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Trusted custodian of your financial journey

In a world where financial peace of mind is crucial, MEQ Capital emerges as a trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of wealth management. With roots deeply entrenched in trust and integrity, we are dedicated to nurturing the financial well-being of our clients, ensuring a legacy of prosperity and security for generations to come.


At the core of our approach is the prioritisation of independent advice, ensuring clients’ best interests and tailored solutions.


We uphold the highest standards of knowledge and proficiency in financial services, resulting in top-quality solutions.


Collaboration is key, as we work closely with clients and existing professional advisors to support financial success.

In the financial ecosystem, our roots are anchored in
Independence, Expertise, and Partnership.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning approach nurtures clients’ well-being, rooted in stability, tailored strategies, and resilience for a prosperous future.


Our investment approach emphasises diversification and global opportunities, tailored to clients’ needs for financial success.

Risk Services

Offering robust risk management solutions, we ensure financial security and peace of mind through comprehensive insurance and protection services.


Our Forex services extend global opportunities to clients, ensuring secure and smooth international fund transfers with expert navigation.

Corporate Cash Manager

A collaborative cash management solution offering competitive returns on surplus funds through a call account linked to top South African money market funds.


Collaborating with clients’ advisors for a cohesive financial strategy, offering access to essential professional services and expert recommendations.

Nurturing the financial well-being of our clients

True wealth for us is not measured in numbers alone but in robust relationships, secure futures, and prosperous legacies.

Acknowledging the distinct aspirations of each client, we provide personalised guidance, encompassing everything from retirement planning to investment and risk management, to guarantee a customised solution for every financial requirement.

Rooted in Innovation

At MEQ Capital, our services derive strength from deep roots, like a tree grounded in the earth.

Branching in various directions

Offering comprehensive financial solutions from risk management to global Forex access.

Streamline Approach

Ensuring our clients’ financial growth and stability, enabling them to reach new heights of success.

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